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- FOSTEX model E 16 1/2" 16 track reel to reel
- Audiotronics (son of 36 grand) model # 501
- Soundcraft Series 600
- plus an astounding array of processers, compressors, vintage mics, amps, and effects!
Bring your own instruments, or try on ours. Keyboards, guitars, a Gretsch drum set, and more are all part of recording at the Rancho.

-Dillon's partiality for Soundcraft is hardly as new as his FIVE Monitors. "I have to admit that I'm an old Soundcraft user," he adds. "Back in the late '70s and early '80s, I did a lot of sound system installations, primarily for large churches, and found that the Soundcraft 600 Series and 800 Series were really good, reliable consoles. The EQ was very musical and pleasing. The P&G faders were high quality. Soundcraft simply made a great product. So after reading through literature from probably a dozen or more different console makers, the layout and functionality of the FIVE Monitor consoles, combined with my positive experience with the brand, led me to recommend them to NBC."
-- from an interview with Sandy Dillon, who mixes live sound for bands on the Tonight Show. The Rancho's Soundcraft 600 series board has just been completely refurbished.
In Enya's studio in Ireland, the machine is the trusty Fostex E16 ("an incredible machine -- as good in quality terms as most 24 tracks, but you'll find that most engineers feel obliged to say it's worse").
-- from an interview with Enya on her website. The Rancho's Fostex E16 (a 16-Track 1/2 inch recorder) is a key part of the rich analog sound.

Questions about particulars? Get in touch! Contact the studio.

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