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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

yesterday we received, from the drakes, the map to fred's star in the sky. we'll get it up on the website soon so you can know where to look to watch it twinkle. (Frederick Charles Drake ll is located, according to the International Star Registry, in the fold of Orion's flexed left arm, or at RA4h59m20.35s D3 degrees 46'23.56")..........................................................................................................
the rancho is racing toward the new year with mark lanegan saying things
like, 'i'm not a millionaire but if you guys ever need anything...it would kill me to see this place ever close.' and 'from the minute i walked in here, after the last six months, i felt more at home here than i do at my own house.'
(AS I POST THIS NOTE, Chris, Jonathan & I are listening back to Mark Lanegan's work from this past two weeks. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM, WITH A DREAMY, SPACEY RANCHO VIBE RUNNING THROUGH-OUT. did he just say, ' i stop to talk to the girls working on the street, but i've got business furthur down...'? This record is going to be revered, sanctified and worshipped.........................
there won't be a break in the music as shawn mafia - with kevin, our sweat lodge friend jason's brother, on guitar - comes in on the very first, moroccan on the fourth, with tony. chris producing pete from lo-5 on the seventh. then, brant working with molly and dave. jules coming back to do more acoustic songs with billy. all repeat clients from the first four months of re-operation.
also, that new, interesting and wonderful people are moving to the desert, including the cubans, dennis y carlito, who are now land owners in joshua tree, california, united states of america.
so even with a slight  post-partum feeling as we let go of one year full of so many major changes and embark on a mysterious new one, i feel like some degree of faith in the process is merited.

Friday, December 13, 2002
It's Mid-December and the front door is wide open on this sunny afternoon. Granted, the firewood truck is on its way with a cord to help keep us all warm on these chilly desert winter nights. Tony has just finished mixing Brant Bjork's new record and now Brant has a new idea he wants to put down. He seems to wake up with a new song in his head every morning here at the Rancho. I just heard him say: "Rancho de la Luna is the happiest studio in the world!"
We couldn't agree more.
Yesterday, our friend Linda Hoffman pulled in to the driveway to pay her respects to Fred by the Cottonwood tree. We had a cup of coffee under the giant tree, sitting on the memorial park bench Elia brought in. By now, half the Beatles and all of Heaven have heard about the Rancho. Thanks, Fred. As you promised in June, your work was just beginning. We miss you but we know you're up there, watching, listening, making suggestions, telling funny stories, riding on every multi-colored sunset.

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