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Friday, March 21, 2003

FIRST DAY OF SPRING. THE DESERT HAS NEVER LOOKED OR FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THIS ONE, NOT THE ONE ON CNN, WHICH LOOKS VERY SAD INDEED. THE RANCHO DE LA LUNA IS TWO MONTHS AWAY FROM CELEBRATING ITS TENTH BIRTHDAY AT THE SAME TIME THAT IT'S ONE SEASON AWAY FROM ITS FIRST YEAR WITHOUT FRED DRAKE HERE, IN BODY. Fred would be banging on a five gallon plastic water bottle in front of the Federal Building if he was here, as we did togeher in '91 at the start of the Gulf War. I remember the LAPD moving in on the crowd of us there, lined up with batons and helmets. (like 'pretty little piggies in a row...' a la 'i am the walrus,' we couldn't help but notice.) Fred and I looked at eachother, 'what should we do?' 'let's go for a walk.' so, we did. and a few hundred people followed us. 'where are we going?' "how about around the block up past the L.A. times building...' by evening, the crowd had grown huge as the bombing of baghdad by president bush had begun. this week was a bad re-run of the worst kind of reality tv, worse because fred wasn't here to help me shout about it. or was he? elia said maybe fred (and hazel and...) got out in time not to have to watch it all go down. i think he's busy somewhere inspiring us to make peace and music. meanwhile, there is no more peaceful spot in the world, i would guess, than the beautiful Rancho de la Luna. this is the place to get away, more than ever, to make music, not war.

Thursday, March 06, 2003
FRESH WATERS: Although we like to keep the LOCATION of the Rancho UNDISCLOSED for the sake of the privacy of our clients, our friends and our animals (many of whom are one and the same) , the following information has come to us via satellite (thanks to ruben's mobile technology) : The Sacred Couch at Rancho de la Luna is located at Northern Latitude 34 08.412, Western Longitude 116 19.407, Altitude 2838. Please direct only happy thoughts to us here - and not any misdirected hostility from N. Korea, Iraq or Washington DC! Please!!! seriously, ruben martinez, joe 'city' garcia, lupita la reina de la accordion y ruben gonzalez (collectively known as the border balladeers) have been here recording under the wing of angel bill bizeau (who has kindly volunteered to "police the police state.") i got to throw on a harmony ("let go..." - because as joe says, "you can never let go of too much...") joe's in there singing "you can't go home again...when you know you've really changed" - or, as heraclitus wrote in ancient greece: "you cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you."

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