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Friday, June 20, 2003

from the desk of chrissie wilson:

June 20th 2003

Hey Kids!

On this most auspicious of days I thought I would share with you a letter (or 2) that Sir Fred wrote to me in Alaska, 1994.

It was apparently dictated to him telepathically by Max, and included a photo of Max at the Rancho, sitting in the middle of the coffee table, next to Smokey's hat

Here goes...

July 13-94

Dear mom,

I came up with this new pose last night. I call this one "the centerpiece". I'm doing good - had a rough week last week but fred took me to see dr. long (the lesbian.) I have to take 2 of those pills a day now (yuk). Also, I'm back on the antibiotics. The good part is that my doctor said I could eat that yummy soft kitty food that I like. I went on a little hunger strike and really got fred going! Sun bear has been eating all of the food that I pass on.

The desert has been hot - 114 - 117 average a day but we don't go outside much. fred takes me outside at nite to look at the milky way but he won't put me down and let me wander around. He says it's too dark. Personally, I think he's just paranoid because Sun bear - the naughty one - has run off a couple of times.

fred's been real busy with all that new stuff - lots of people coming by. I love to lounge on top of the new power amps - they're even warmer than the old ones I used to lay on top of. I also prefer mixing fred's songs on this new console that he brought here for me to try out.

the phone rings a lot so sometimes I have to ask fred to turn the ringer off so I can meditate. it seems that everytime fred gets off the phone he's heard to mutter "BANDS ARE STUPID" to himself. Sometimes, I think he should go to the doctor! Anyway, you would have been proud of me when I went to see dr. long (the desert lesbian) I was so good. She gave me a big shot - OUCH! and I didn't cry.

Miss you mom - love (signed with 2 pink paw prints)

Then on August 4. '94 Taylor & 1 got another one (with another pic of Max sitting next to the mixing desk with the Ampex reel-to-reel behind him)

"With Supreme grace master maxwell Rules over all living beings Seen and Unseen. Past - present and future are all in a days work for maxwell seen here re-clining after a very hectic transcendant experience."

The last paragraph adds..

"Lots goin' on - Rubin movin' out - Fred Burke moving into that house only to sub-let to Mr. Lanois entourage. dan will be recording here Aug 15-30 and again in Sept. 12-22. We're Gettin' Ready. Rancho is feelin' groovy."

(All spellings and grammatical magick courtesy of Fred)

I Luv U All
Wish I was there....

Thursday, June 19, 2003
"There must have been an Angel watching over me...So I sleep tight...As long as I believe...What's happened to me, Angel? Remember what you said to me...That you were mine and you would never leave...I know...Your wings are heavy now...I know...Tomorrow you'll fly above these clouds, yeah...There used to be an Angel watching over me...So I'm all right as long as I believe...If you're listening to me, Angel...I'll put it to the sky tonight...That you're all right and you will always be..."
Fred Drake January 28, 1958 - June 20, 2002

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