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Thursday, July 10, 2003

dear rancho people-

many thanks to everyone who brought their
love and good vibes - and to those who sent
them via emails and/or psychically - to the
rancho tenth anniversary celebration at the
end of may.

summer is halfway over and there's a lot to

the rancho recently acquired ProTools. we
have a lot of people to thank for their
advice and assistance, especially alan
johannes and alternator's jason. we've been
busy making sure that the classic rancho
sound is preserved in the new equipment,
combining digital with the well-loved analog
sound of the soundcraft board and fostex

soon, we will be unveiling our 'new' console.
so stay tuned.

meanwhile, a year after fred left us in
charge of the rancho, some difficult
realities have become apparent. we've come to
realize that in order to upgrade and maintain
the rancho - in essence, to keep it happening
- we need to slightly raise the rates, from
$450 to $500 per day, including engineer.

for now, though, through the end of
september, we will charge the current rate of
$450 per day. think of it as a summer

we will still, as always, offer space for
sleeping, full kitchen and breathtaking

the days have been hot. outside during the
day, that is. the swamp cooler keeps the
interior of the rancho nice and cool all day
and the night sky provides a burst of energy
and relief when temperatures drop into the
magical realm.

fred always knew that summer nights are the
high desert's best kept secret. as it is for
the other desert critters, daytime is best
spent out of the sunlight. perfect for

please give ted a call at 760-366-3498 or
send us an email at studio@ranchodelaluna.com
to reserve time this summer. there are still
some weeks available from now through the end
of september at our present rate.

we look forward to working with you in one of
the world's most relaxed settings, five miles
from the entrance to the amazing joshua tree
national park.

happy trails,
bb, fb, dc, dc, tm, tq

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