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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

hey freddy dude-
i'm writing this to you even though i'm pretty sure you are too busy to answer emails. it's ok. i'm also pretty sure i'll get some kind of answer from you, if i know where to look.
yesterday i went to the post office and erin helped me send off a couple hundred each of your cd and mine (thanks, of course, to fred burke) to someone named miguel in malaga, spain. i know that when you were taking spanish lessons from elia in exchange for piano lessons, you would say that we should all go to spain, so i think you must be liking this. it got me all sentimental feeling when erin was wrapping up the boxes in tape. i didn't cry or anything too embarrassing like that.
miguel is with alone records (that's funny, since you have that song 'alone' on the unreleased 'ride' cd...) which is the company that puts out the orquesta del desierto records in europe. after dandy brown gave me a copy of the disc, which he did mostly at the rancho, which means pete stahl came up to do his parts, i listened to the disc and thought they might like some other rancho stuff (namely yours and mine). so i sent miguel a copy of 'twice shy' and one of 'help wanted.' he liked them and agreed to distribute them in europe.
so, we're off to spain right now!
also, remember a couple months before you moved on, when robert was out at the rancho and we did 'as tears go by'? i didn't remember that you had sung most of the song (or all of it maybe, and you just erased the parts you didn't like.) billy and i put the 16 track tape on protools so i could mess around with it. i did a mix with your voice out in front, and mine and robert's coming in where yours isn't there, or to harmonize with you. i remember at the time thinking that we hadn't all sung together on a recording since ministry of fools in 1990 or so. tony played acoustics, you did some krumar parts and played bass and lap steel, so it's mostly you. then debbie and karen and tony did a chorus of backing vocals. anyway, i did a mix and then bingo helped me clean it up a bit and get some nice sounds.
it fucked with me a little bit when i sat there alone in the rancho at five in the morning, with you singing the words ' i sit and watch the children play, doing things i used to do.' i went outside and watched the sun rise as you used to do most mornings.
it's getting cold but things are good. everybody's stocked up on firewood - karen & mike's friend jim just dropped a bunch of eucalyptus off for me and elia - and the rancho is busy. there's a band called outrage coming all the way from japan today to spend a month working on their album. they're bringing a little cottage industry out here. john pirozzzi is doing their video, elia's friend martin cox is going to do their stills, tony and bingo are recording them and billy will be mastering.
last night, at your rancho, tony was recording a band from italy, some friends of mark and vic's.
you continue to touch so many lives, of people all over the world. it's astounding. joshua tree is filling with artists and musicians and now there are lots of places serving good coffee, though none is as good as rancho coffee.
i miss you though most of the time i think you're just away.
i saw kashmir and luna the other day. kash knew that i was wearing your gloves. he wanted me to punch him gently on the teeth the way you used to.
it's almost thanksgiving. elia will be here in a couple days. i went to see dana, john lee, doug and meredith for a huge ridiculously good dinner last night. tonight i'm going to see rikki lee jones with don risser, your friend and acupuncturist. maybe she'll do 'last chance texaco.' thanks for all the friends and all the music in our lives.
love always, teddy dude

Saturday, November 22, 2003
THANKSGIVING APPROACHES...the band OUTRAGE (jvc) is due to arrive from JAPAN here at the RANCHO today, to make their record with Tony Mason and Bingo at the helm, shoot a video with John Pirozzi, get some promo shots done by Martin Cox, with Billy Bizeau set to master...the RANCHO has it all!!!
We received the following from SPARTA, who just spent a month here writing songs for their upcoming (dreamworks) album:
"I just wanted to let you know that the band really got a lot out of our time out there, (recording in) the studio is going awesome, I think because of the time spent up there."

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