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Sunday, February 22, 2004

IN THE HOUSE OF THE MOON ... lately, CHRIS GOSS with 80s MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER, DAVID CATCHING with MARK LANEGAN & EARTHLINGS? PETE STAHL, DANDY BROWN with JOHNNY GARCIA, TONY MASON with BRANT BJORK, DIGITAL D & TQ with SKY SAXON! (there was some wild energy, the legendary Seeds poet improvising hours of mad genius dharma creating an intense sonic TRIP with BarryAliens?Connelly's Bukolah, Veronica & Vic & (the lovely bad ass) Carol Ann & cowboy's sweetheart Lola Jane, Sunny, Johnny Forever, Kenny B, Digi-D & me, videographers, photographers and Meredith as the (oh my) goddess/stenographer...SKY plans to release a double (or triple?) cd of the 36 hour jam session...TONIGHT, a great new band called GOTH JONES, in the spirit of the Rancho, having just laid down TEN BASIC TRACKS in TWO DAYS! the music is FLYING out of here & the NEW YEAR IS OFF to a ROCKIN' GOOD START. plus, WE'VE BEEN GETTING SOME RAIN. SO the SPRING PROMISES to be ABSOLUTELY STAR-STUDDED & FLOWER-POWERED!!
thank you all, thank you fred.

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