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Sunday, April 25, 2004


we were waiting at the harmony motel for robert to arrive. i painted an xtra large t-shirt with the word GAY in psychedelic paint. we went to the marine barber shop in 29 palms and got locked out of the car, weetzie's black jeep which we'd borrowed, whose horn started blaring when we tried to open the door. fred was hoping to have been flown to washington by APLA for the march. when the ticket fell through, we decided to go to joshua tree. later that afternoon, we went ahead without robert. on the way into the park, we took part in the sacred fungus. at key's view, we heard our names. it was tony & debbie on their first ever trip to joshua tree. they had heard us talking about the place and now they were here, in part because of a huell howser show. (there's a picture of tony, fred and i in front of the harmony, mocking the U2 picture taken there, sometime that weekend, on tony's album cover.) we drove in to town and had a coffee at the little jeremy's on hallee road. another voice spoke fred's name. it was taylor, andrea bucci's brother, who had met fred once at LAX on his way to guatemala. the place was filled with people and fred and i were still experiencing some trippiness. the following morning, we drove by that corner. there was a sign which read 3 HOUSES FOR RENT. up that road, gene and hal showed fred and i around. 'this is where my studio is going,' said fred, for the first of many times, speaking of a time in the near future when he would have a studio, in that house. thanks, fred!

(this past week saw josh homme and the latest incarnation of the queens of the stone age doing pre-production for their next album.
the day they arrived, i was at the studio early to copy a DAT. when i opened the drawer, i saw a white box i had never noticed before. it said MASTERS OF MIXES BY FRED DRAKE for dave, josh, pete & franz 3/02/02. fred had assembled all of the masters of the queens, desert sesions, earthlings? & wool, 3 months before he died. tony, hutch, josh & i all had the same reaction, a chill, upon seeing the box wih fred's writing. later, dave told us that fred had given him the masters the last time they saw eachother. hey josh, how about a 'mixes by fred drake' rarities album?)

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