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Friday, January 28, 2005

Carrots for Kashmir, coffee in the kitchen, Nag Champa at the Cottonwood.

The skies rain gently, as The Sky Party plays in the warmth of the Rancho.

Happy Birthday, Fred. We miss you -- here, there and yonder...

Fred B.

photo by Andrea Bucci

Monday, January 10, 2005
hello all
david catching here
happy new year to you all !!!
the rancho has been going through some pretty big changes .
i've moved in and have been busy giving it a complete overhaul. ted and friends were kind enough to give the rancho a new coat of paint , and i've been cleaning , carpeting , rebuilding the firepit and thinking of how to reassemble the hot tub . hutch , carol and i have been gardening and the place is shiny and new .
brant bjork will be recording the new brant bjork and the bros. album next week , and during the snowstorm in november , josh , brody , jesse , dan druff , nicole , and i recorded a new song cause we felt like it .
the studio is still running great and available for booking when i'm on tour with earthlings? , eagles of death metal , yellow#5 , or at mardi gras , burning man or any other such silliness . you can email me about that stuff at
thank you to the drakes , fred burke , tony mason , gene hill , ted quinn and all y'all for the support and kindness .
and a prayer to all the victims of mother nature's destructive whims and to chris goss , who is now home , safe and happy with cynthia , horsealoo and all the kitties .
much love , good fortune and happiness to all

Friday, January 07, 2005
what is organic

a lot of people ask about the state of the rancho. i remember when the drakes put the question to us, do you want to continue operating the rancho? i remember elia saying, keeping it going at the time felt like the organic thing to do.

now the organic, transforming, nature of things tells us that keeping the doors open as a business is no longer possible. sustaining the studio without a steady income is beyond what we can do. the only solution at the present - the one that keeps the rancho from being given up entirely - is dave moving in and making his home there. tony has his studio at home with bingo and i have mine at home with billy. dave can work on his stuff and hutch has casa rosa to himself. so, everyone has what they need. organically. fred's tree will always be watered and cared for and all the old friends are always welcome to visit. fred burke will move back to joshua tree in the new year into his new home. brant and denise are our new neighbors and everyone is really busy doing stuff they like!!!

so, even though in some ways we're sad to let go of the rancho in its current manifestation, it lives on in many ways, in lots of places and in all of our hearts.

'the sky party,' the ambient record fred made simultaneously to 'twice shy,' is out there in the world now. for two years after fred died we kept the rancho going as he had asked, some great music was recorded, we celebrated the tenth aniversary of the rancho in high style and lots of people had time to stop by with their own memories - or 'meet' fred for the first time. now we think he'd be happy with the changes. we'll keep putting out fred's music over time.

with so many changes happening at once, it's been hard to keep everybody up to date. thanks for keeping in touch and sometimes for keeping us informed. (it was penny in australia who first told me chris goss was in the hospital, for example! we're very happy to report that our great friend is recovering nicely from a health scare in december.)

much love and happy new year to all. thanks to the drakes for the faith and to all for being a part of rancho de la luna.


p.s. the rancho website will remain up forever, as a place to stay connected, post announcements, memories, photos, music, etc.

p.p.s. the other big question: kashmir is doing great, approaching 31 years old in semi-retirement at rancho de paz (karen & michael's).

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